Keyboard Shortcuts:
ast_note_interactivity:Formatted variable displays:
?(function name) - Documentation links:
%%matplotlib inline - plotting options
%lsmagic: list IPython Magic Commands:
%env: Set environment variables:
%run: Execute python code:
%load: Insert code from external script:
%store: Pass variables between notebooks:
%who: List global variables:
%%time: Benchmark (single run):
%%timeit: Benchmark (multi runs):
%%writefile: export cell contents:
%%pycat: show contents of exported script:
%%prun: show execution time:
%pdb: Python debugger interface:
%config InlineBackend.figure_format ='retina'
; suppress output of final function
!; shell command execution
$: Formula rendering with LaTeX
%%bash, %%HTML, %%python2, %%python3, %%ruby, %%perl: Run code from other kernels
Installing other kernels with Anaconda
Installing other kernels (ex: R) manually
rpy2: run R & Python in same notebook
%%cython: Cython/Python wrapper
%%fortran: Fortran/Python wrapper
Alt key + cursor: Multicursor support
Jupyter-contrib - Jupyter Extensions Manager:
RISE - Presentations from Notebooks:
Output Options: