Cross Validation


cross_validate (vs cross_val_score)

cross_val_predict (CVP)

Example: ROC classifier metrics with CV

Example: recursive Feature Elimination with CV

Example: Parameter Estimation with CV

Example: Text Feature Evaluation Pipeline with CV

Example: Prediction Plots with CV

Example: Nested vs Non-Nested CV


Stratified KFold

Example of 2-fold K-Fold repeated 2 times:

Leave One Out (LOO)

Leave P Out (LPO)

Shuffle & Split

Class label-based stratfication

Stratified KFold

Stratified Shuffle Split

Cross Validation on "Grouped" Data

Group Kfold

Leave One Group Out (LOGO)

Leave P Groups Out (LPGO)

Group Shuffle Split (GSS)

Predefined Split Methods

Using CV Iterators as Dataset Splitters

Time Series Split (TSS)

Permutation Testing

Example: Permutation testing of Classification Performance

Helper Function: Cross-validation split visualizations