Brian's Giant List of Product Management Resources

(Updated 2/9/2023)
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10 Marketplace Monetization Strategies (Medium)
2020 Startup Model Glossary (A16Z)
38 Business Models - a Taxonomy (axial.substack)
500px, Dribble, Instagram (
6 Reasons Platforms Fail (HBR)
All Markets are Not Created Equal (Above the Crowd)
An Online Disruption Checklist (Slideshare)
Business Model Navigator
Can Rob Kalin scale Etsy? (Inc)
Commoditize Your Complement (
Everything We Know About Platforms We Learned from Medieval France (HBR)
Finding the Platform in Your Product (HBR)
Give Away Your Legos - Scaling Strategies (First Round)
How Startups Build Trust (First Round)
How to Build a Two-Sided Marketplace (Pando)
How to Make a Good Secret Sauce (Medium)
How to Protect Yourself as a Middleman (Venture Beat)
How to Structure a Marketplace (Techcrunch)
How we Model a Two-Sided Marketplace (Segment)
In Times of Change - Make Tires (Jeff Elder)
Liquidity Hacking (VentureBeat)
Marketplace Evaluation - 10 Factors (Above The Crowd)
Network Effects & Critical Mass (A16Z)
Network Effects Aren't Enough (HBR)
Network Effects Aren't Enough (Techcrunch)
On Liquidity (Dan Martell)
Piggybacking (
Platform Metrics (
Platform Risks (Eugene Wei)
Platform Seeding Tactics (
Platforms and Walled Gardens - the Toy Industry (
Platforms for User Generated Content (Practical Ecommerce)
Reverse Network Effects (TNW)
Selling Pickaxes During the Gold Rush (Chris Dixon)
Service Economy Marketplaces (A16Z)
Shopify and the Power of Platforms (Stratechery)
Simple List of Business Models (Github)
Small Ideas to Large Value (
The 7 Fundamental Marketplace Models (Rishi Dean)
The 7 Powers Known to Tesla, Pixar, Netflix, Apple & Twilio (NFX)
The Anatomy of a Managed Marketplace (TechCrunch)
The Businesses that Platforms are Actually Disrupting (HBR)
The Empty Promise of Data Moats (A16Z)
The Power of Data Network Effects (Matt Turck)
The Real Power of Platforms - Helping People Self-Organize (HBR)
Three Elements of a Successful Platform (HBR)
Uber Fights (Stratechery)
Virality vs Network Effects (
Virality vs Network Effects (
Why Figma is Winning (Kevin Kwok)
Why Platform Disruption is So Much Bigger than Product Disruption (HBR)
Why Thieves Steal Soap (Priceonomics)
Winning a Multisided Platform (HBS)
platforms and networks
21 Examples of Pricing Pages (Webdesigner)
3 Pricing Articles (ConversionXL).

5 Pricing Resolutions for 2019 (Open View Partners)
7 Pricing Strategies Based on Research Studies (Six Revisions)
A Guide to Pricing Strategy (Price Intelligently)
A Pricing Primer (Eric Sink)
A Rake Too Far (Above the Crowd)
AMD is Undershipping Chips To Keep CPU, GPU Prices Elevated (Slashdot)
An eBook pricing model that resulted in $100,000 in sales (A Smart Bear)
Ask HN - How do you set Prices (Y Combinator)
Beauty Product Pricing (Racked)
Beginning of the End for Per-User Pricing (LoganVC)
Dollar Shave Club vs Gillette (Price Intelligently)
Don't Just Roll the Dice (Neil Davidson)
Don't Leave Money on the Table (First Round)
Ecuadorean Chocolate (Atlast Obscura)
Experiments You Might Not Know (ConversionXL)
High-Priced Digital Products (Kissmetrics)
How Netflix Did Pricing Right (Iterative Path)
How Perfect Pricing got me 1500 Sales in 2 Days (A Smart Bear)
How Retailers do Personalized Pricing (HBR)
How do you put a Price on your Source Code? (Ars Technica)
How repositioning a product allows you to 8x its price (A Smart Bear)
Make Your Expensive Product Look like a Total Steal (Kissmetrics)
Michael Deering on Pricing (HeavyBit)
Pawn Shop Economics (The Hustle)
Perfect Pricing Part Deux — More money from fewer sales (A Smart Bear)
Pricing & Secrecy (Behavioral Economics)
Pricing Niche Products (Kevin Lynagh)
Pricing Smart Products - 5 Questions (HBR)
Pricing Strategy (ConversionXL)
Pricing Strategy for Creatives (A List Apart)
Pricing on Purpose book Summary
Pricing that Worked (Groove)
Product Pricing (Sequoia Capital)
Product Pricing from Scratch (Market-Found)
Risk discounts and use-based Pricing (Open View)
Saas Pricing Strategies (Kissmetrics)
Selling High-Priced, High-Quality Merchandise (Practical Ecommerce)
Shopping Guide Lifts Order Values (Marketing Sherpa)
State of Saas Pricing, 2017 (OpenView Partners)
Store Brands aren't just about Price (HBR)
Surprising upsides to absurdly high pricing (HBR)
The Most Beautiful Price Fence (Iterative Path)
The Secret Science of Scalping Tickets (NYT)
Value Metrics (Price Intelligently)
When your customers don't care what you charge? (HBR)
Who Sets MSRPs? (Tedium)
Winamp - How the Greatest MP3 Player Undid Itself (ArsTechnica)