Essential Reads (8/15/19)

Write a brag document (Julia Evans)
CSS background-image properties as anti-patterns (NY Studio 107)
Rails 6 Features: What's New & Why it Matters (TopTal)
The Value of Storytellers (The Atlantic)
Do-Nothing Scripts: The Key to Automation (Dan Slimmon)
N-Shot Learning: Learn More with Less Data (FloydHub)
Data Structures & Algorithms in Javascript (GitHub)
Brand Science 101 (Web Designer Depot)
An Intro to Maxwell's Equations (Wired)
JPG vs PNG vs GIF vs SVG (UX Collective)
A 2019 Guide to Semantic Segmentation (Derrick Mwiti)
The Generation Effect (NessLabs)
A Framework for (Web) Moderation (Stratechery)
How 'Am I an Asshole?" became the internets most profound query (The Daily Dot)